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DOB: 06/08/1984 (that makes me 20 yay math!)
First appearance: 01/31/2005
Jim is the main character and creator of this comic. He's a major Geek but in many ways he's proud of that fact. He enjoys camping, Hiking, writing poetry and short stories, Painting, roleplaying, Magic the Gathering, reading and gaming. Some people would say Jim has an addiction to popcorn, and they'd proabably be right. Jim however claims he can quit anytime he wants to... he just doesn't want to. When not reading or working on some artistic endevor Jim can often be found watching anime or giving psycological advice and support to one of his friends. So Jim in a nutshell... a Sci-fi, fantasy, Role playing, computer Geek who loves popcorn and movies about crossdressing Sex freaks. Wow reading that back he sounds like a freak, but people say he's a really nice guy who's just alittle eccentric. In real life Jim lives in Connecticut still with his mother because he can't afford school and an appartment at the same time (so sad so sad he's all poor and stuff).

Things Jim likes
Favorite console: Old School Nintendo
Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts (ps2)
Favorite Drink: Tazo Juiced Tea: Brambleberry
Favorite Snack: POPCORN!!!!
Favorite Movie: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Favorite Anime: Trigun
Favorite Book: "Knights Wyrd" By Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald
Favorite TV Show: Forever Knight and Babylon 5
Favorite Toy: My baby blankey "Bluey" (I still sleep with him)
Favorite Song: "Don't Fear the Reaper" ~ Blue Oyster Cult

Ok Jim is now finsihed talking about himself in the third Person. So on to the next Geek...


DOB: 04/04/1984
First appearance: 02/02/2005
Jen is Jim's girlfriend as well as one of his best friends. In real life she lives in california quite far away from Jim and they see eachother only when one of them can afford to fly from coast to coast. The rest fo the time they keep in contact by phone and the wonders of the internet (which is also where they met). Jen is your typical hard working college student geek girl. She loves games although she's alittle inexperienced with them. She also loves cats and her "babies" (several stuffed animals that are special to her and Jim). Jen is a sweet girl and a loving girlfriend, she's a fun, beautiful, sexy and smart geeky girl what more could a guy want?

Things Jen likes
Favorite console: Playstation 2
Favorite Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
Favorite Drink: A&W Rootbeer
Favorite Snack: Watermellon Sourpatch Kids
Favorite Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Favorite Anime: Chobits
Favorite Book: "The Power of One" by BRYCE COURTENAY
Favorite TV Show: Xena: Warrior Princess
Favorite toy: Gee Gee (her baby blankey that she still sleeps with)
Favorite Song: "Hotel California" ~ The Eagles


DOB: ??/??/???? (he prefers people dont' know he's immortal)
First appearance: 02/06/2005
Brian is Jim's Best friend. Jim's Known Brian since forever... well since their first year of Boyscouts anyways. They became fast friends and since then have become like brothers. Brian loves the outdoors and is an avid camper and hiker (maybe even more so than Jim). He loves anime, role playing, Sci-fi and fantasy. In real life Jim and Brian dont' get to see eachother as often as they used to. Brian went out of state to college and is currently on a study abroad program out of the country. But they stay in touch and whenever it is possible they get together for fun, excitement and true to their geek heritage usualy alittle magic or D&D. When Brian manages to find some free time he often builds gundam models or hey sleeps always good right?

Things Brian likes
Favorite console: Computer
Favorite Game: Jedi Academy....or....Comand & Conquer Generals.
Favorite Drink: Fresca
Favorite Snack: Currently, Nutella on Digestive Biscuits
Favorite Movie: The Love Bug
Favorite Anime: Cowboy Bebop...and Trigun...and...
Favorite Book: Cronicles of Narnia..All of them
Favorite TV Show: The Daily Show with John Stewart
Favorite toy: Duh....Gundams?
Favorite Song: Jackson Browne ~ "The Pretender"


DOB: 07/10/1983
First appearance: 02/10/2005
Dave is Jim's other best friend. Jim met Dave way back in 6th grade. They also became fairly fast friends and soon they had formed their own comic "company" Tarty toons inc. Dave's character was Bink (a Parody of Link). Their comics were always very um... "interesting" to say the least. Dave also is famous in our D&D group as being the guy who is alway dying or always geting everyone killed. The "cursed headress" incident and the time he stood up proclaiming "ARE YOU LOOKING FOR US!" speak for themselves as to why dave has this reputation. Dave and Jim have a running inside joke about "The Monkey Man" which may or may not be explained when it comes up in the comic. I guess You'll just have to watch the rant section to find out.

Things Dave likes
Favorite console: Playstation 2
Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
Favorite Drink: Blood... er... ok dave
Favorite Snack: Jolly Ranchers
Favorite Movie: Man on Fire
Favorite Anime: Vampire Hunter D
Favorite Book: "The Hobbit" By JRR Tolkien
Favorite TV Show: American Idol
Favorite toy: His heroic little frog Glenn
Favorite Song: "Freebird" ~ Lynard Skynard


Robot Cheney:

First appearance: 02/06/2005
Robot Cheney is the annihilator of life. He will destroy us all.

(A picture will go here eventualy)
First appearance: ??/??/????
Sholo is a talking potato baby. He is Jim and Jen's baby whom Jim gave to her randomly one day. Developmentaly Sholo is proabably an infant although he can talk sometimes (but who says potato babies develop the way human ones do?). He has a little green blankey named olive that we made for him and also a little stuffed cat named oliver. (what happened is one day Jen and I were talking online. I randomly said something along the lines of "Gives you a potato." and then I said "I shall name him Sholo." and from that moment on he was our baby and we actualy several months later made a small cute potato stuffed animal using a sewing machine and some cloth Jen bought for that pupose. Since then we've taken care of him along with out other stuffed animal babies.)

The Almighty Cheese log of Mysteries:

First appearance: ??/??/????
A Strange being claiming to be a god that Jim found in the back of the refrigerator.

The Mystic Tomato:

First appearance: ??/??/????
An evil creature that Jim found in the back of the frige. He hopes to destroy the almighty Cheese log and rule the kitchen with an iron fist.

The Insomnia Fairy:
(A picture will go here eventualy)
First appearance: ??/??/????
A strange being that only Jim can see. Apparently his job is much like his more well known cousins the tooth fairy and the sand man.... except in this case he (being the INSOMNIA fairy) causes insomnia in "super lucky" people.

The Monkey Man:
(A picture will go here eventualy)
First appearance: ??/??/????
A Horrific creature first seen in india. He hunts human flesh and often attacks from the shadow slashing with his razor sharp claws. The monkey man is often mistaken for a common (albet abnomraly large) monkey until it's too late. It is also rumored he can transform himself into a two dimensional shadowy cat form... that of course is unsubstantiated.

Bingo The Magic Pumpkin:
(A picture will go here eventualy)
First appearance: ??/??/????
A Mythical Entity said to appear on Halloween.

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